Essay against death penalty: how to complete an outstanding paper

One great debate that will continue to be discussed throughout the history of America is the death penalty. The ultimate punishment for criminals who have committed crimes so heinous and serious, that the justice system is the death penalty. However, there are a variety of individuals that actually believes that the death penalty should not exist.

In this list, we are going to give you four great essay ideas about the death penalty if you are against the notion.

  • What is the gas chamber still an option?
  • There are currently six states in the United States that still utilizes the gas chamber as an option for those sentenced to death (Mississippi, California, Wyoming, Missouri, Maryland, and Arizona). What could be considered one of the most excruciating methods for an individual to endure is still a real life experience that some criminals are deathly afraid of?

  • Should the death penalty be legal anymore?
  • The death penalty is usually reserved for individuals who have killed other individuals. Keeping this in mind, you could argue the subjective fact that showing people that killing is wrong is not by killing another person for the sake of justice. While the criminal does their murders in outlandish ways, what makes their murders differently than what the justice system does? Is it morally right that the justice system “legally” kills criminals to show that killing is morally wrong?

  • Why does the death penalty exist?
  • As stated earlier, the death penalty is not a sentence that is just handed out to every single criminal. Is there a reason why the death penalty truly exists? Is there a problem with simply holding a criminal in jail for life in the same manner that other criminals receive?

  • Does life in prison cost less than the death penalty methods?
  • Is the death penalty considered a cheaper method than a life sentence, which is why the justice system still allows for it to happen? This is something that can be discussed and argued in regards to the death penalty.

Overall the death penalty is a sentencing that we in America have utilized for decades. Some individuals believe that criminals have created so much of a problem to society and others around them that the only way to show them (and the family of the victims) due justice is to kill this criminal in a legal manner. Granted criminals should not be let off easy by any means, nonetheless, doing the exact same thing you condemn someone not to do does not make yours right. Find more writing tips and math assignment help at AssignmentGeek.

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