Essay Conclusions

Essay Conclusions

Essays need skills and tactics to make an impact and earn a good grade. Most people write good introductions and a body of essays but mess at the closing. The way you conclude your essay will determine the score and the effect on your audience. Make a good impression on the audience by having a superb conclusion for your essay. A good impression sticks in the minds of readers long after they have finished reading an essay.

Your conclusion should end the essay but shouldn’t end the discussion. It should leave a sign that more possibilities can arise. For you to meet this mark, conclude by joining the introduction with the conclusion. When you do these, you are broadening the mind of the audience and making them understand the content.


Closing without ending the discussion


For you to conclude in this style, then approach it in this manner. Refer to a quotation by a prominent person. It should be in line with the contents of the essay. Quotes leave a mark for the audience who gains the urge to read more of your essay.

You can still end your essay by staging a discussion on the larger context. Compare the content of the essay with the current trends in the world of today. It will leave the audience getting the comparisons, and thus, they will have to do research. They will not forget your essay since it has opened up their minds for further activities.

Another way to conclude well is to pick one of the key terminologies in your essay. Explain the phrase in a more refined way. It should be that terminology that can carry the message of the entire essay when redefined.

Base your stand as a conclusion part. Urge out why you took that particular direction and what made you make the decision. Give suggestions of what your stand implies to the audience. Have a personal stand on the subject matter. Your conclusion may, in one way or another, differ from the readers’ view. It will open up a discussion where the audience will try to derive and develop his or her stand. In doing so, the essay will leave a remarkable mark in the minds of the audience, making it a perfect essay.

You should not make a summary of your essay for the sake of it. The size of your essay will determine the length of your summary and what to do. If its countable pages like 1 to 9 pages, then a summary will need to hold all the points discussed in the essay. When your essay is longer, all you need to do is to make a summary, depending on your take or stand that you have developed. Your stand should be a summary in general where it doesn’t need to have all points discussed. Avoid the belabor syndrome of reminding your audiences that you are concluding. Don’t remind them that this is the conclusion. What you ought to do is to write your conclusion without mentioning it. Don’t even notify the audience that it’s a conclusion. The audience can detect when you are ending, and thus if you remind them, they may get bored.

Don’t underestimate your essay. If you feel that it hasn’t captured the right content, don’t apologize. Go ahead and conclude as if you haven’t messed anywhere. It will make your essay have a meaning. Do away with doubts since you are capable.

I have given you the tips on making a good conclusion. Now venture into the field and make a perfect essay. Good Luck!

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