Compare and Contrast Essay

It’s one of the tricky essays to tackle. It requires that you put into consideration and balance the two subjects. Like any other essay, you need to have an outline to follow while writing. It will give you an easy time to plan your essay. Be careful on the topics you choose. They should be in line with the audience. The level of the audience will influence the topics that you choose. Remember, it is also good to talk about the topics already discussed. They will provide a hint on what to talk about. You can as well use the points in them to argue out your essay. 

Objectives to have in mind

The introduction part of any essay plays a major role. It can connect or disconnect you from your audience. When starting this essay, you don’t jump into the comparison and contrast. Give your audience time to understand the two topics in question. Explain the subjects for the audience to have an in-depth understanding of what they are. 

Have a strong thesis that will hook your audience. A thesis should be one or two sentences at most. Discussions in the whole essay should be able to feature in this one sentence. To have a quality thesis, you need to understand the essence of the essay. Its purpose to the audience will direct you on how to make it. It should summarize the discussed content in the essay in a sentence. It has to explain why you chose the two subjects to contrast. 

How to hook up your audience

The audience is only attracted to essays that sound beneficial to them. If they realize your essay won’t benefit them, then they will not bother to look at it or listen to it. Plan a hookup question. The question should be new to the audience, of which they will desire to get the answers. You can also go for a question that they don’t know much about. It will make them have the desire to get an explanation. 

Another way is to use concrete figures in providing your data. People tend to trust concrete figures when an analysis is being done, and thus it will be easy for them to hook up. 

Being humorous at the start will aid in trapping the audience’s attention. The joke or anecdote should be in line with the topic of discussion. They will be eager to read or listen more to the unfolding of the essay.

Start as well with a strong argument protecting your stand. The audience will be eager to listen or read the essay.

Quotes also make good Start points. You need to quote phrases from prominent people in the world. The phrases should be in line with the topics of discussion. 

Subject presentation

You have trapped your audience’s attention; what next? Present the content in a manner that will engage the audience not to lose their concentration. You may start by providing an overview of the subjects of discussion. Talk about the hearsays that known by people about the topics. It will maintain the attention of the audience. The misconceptions should be about both subjects. Continue by giving your points on the subjects. Don’t get biased in your argumentation. Check out your tone not to be emotional on any side.

Ensure you deliberate well and in equal measure for the two subjects. They are all important in your essay.

With this information, you are capable of providing a good compare and contrast essay. Execute your essay now.

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